Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, we didn't make it to Colorado after all. We both got a touch of the flu and were unable to get over it in time to get there before Judy's sister had to leave for a dutch oven cook off. Too bad! However, we are planning on trying again during mid-September.

Our Ukranian house guest (Elena Yanova) has moved to Bountiful, where she will be closer to the LDS Business College. She is living with a couple that serve the Temple Square Missionaries by checking their apartments and providing soap etc. to the apartments where they live. They used Sister Yanova's apartment as an example of good housekeeping when she was on Temple Square and actually made a video of it for training other sisters.

Otherwise things are pretty normal around here. Judy has started her fourth month of chemo on Paxol, though it may be her last as she is loosing the feeling in her hands and feet. She is noticing trouble with handwriting and even typing. Not being able to type in today's computer age would be almost as bad as loosing your vision!!!

She has felt well enough at times to work bottling the surplus tomatoes from our garden. They are really produding well these days, about a dozen a day. We also harvested our corn, got about 20 quarts for the freezer. Our second crop of beets will soon be ready and we actually have a few watermelons and canteloupe beginnin to get big. Hope they beat the frost.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8/16/08 - Saturday Afternoon

Not much has changed these last couple of weeks. Judy had a mild episode of tightness around her heart earlier this week, but the American Fork ER did not find any indications of heart problems. The UofU cardiologist was called, but was out of town for a couple of weeks and his staff was unable to get the ER reports and labs and so could not review the ER's findings.

Jerry spent last week in Cedar City helping Sharol and Martell get their books ready for their delayed tax filings. He literally worked 14 hours a day for 7 days straight in order to meet their Aug 15 deadline, only to find out after he got home that the deadline was actually Oct 15. None the less, all are happy that everything is done well ahead of the real deadline.

Jerry and Judy will be spending this next week with Judy's sister in Grand Junction, Colorado ... as this is her week off chemo. Jerry will be taking his new Polaris 700 4 wheeler out to do a little riding with Bob. Judy will try to visit with her cousins and aunt while out there. This could be her last visit to her home state of Colorado, so she is really going to try to live it up and enjoy the scenery!

They may also spend a night with Jerry's Aunt Barbara Walston in Moab, Utah on the way back. He may even be able to arrange a deer hunt next Fall with his cousin Brian during the visit.

Judy's children took good care of her while Jerry was in Cedar City. Jason sat with her in the ER until 1:30 AM, Stephanie stayed with her the next day and night and Shelly and her family came over the following night. Unfortunately Shelly's kids got sick and spoiled the night of fun at Grandma's. It doesn't look like Judy caught whatever it was that they had, so all is well on the Wasatch Front!