Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pictures from the "Shave Fest"

Read the September 15, 2008 post for details. Here are the pictures!

Before - Kip's Dad, Kip's Brother, Kip, Sharol, Shelly (front), Judy, Steph, Derek, Jason

Enjoy It While It Lasts - Sharol, Judy, Shelly (front), Steph

New Fashion? - Shelly really wanted to stop here! (Actually, rumor has it Shelly went first and after she was bald everyone said "Just Kidding" and started packing up to go home.)

Newer Fashion? - Sorry Stephanie... not even your smile can pull this off!

How expensive is shampoo? - Julia (Sharol's daughter) and Sharol discussing the potential money Julia could save in hair product.

Everybody's Doing It! - Sharol, Stephanie and Shelly showing just how much fun this can be.

Awwwww - Ain't she cute? - Judy sporting her new "care-free" hair style.

Living the Religion - Mom's Bishop came over to teach a lesson on eternal families. After the lesson, he announced that he would be... how shall we say... an "active" participant in the festivities. Now that's what I call living your religion: Mosiah 18:7-9

The Finished Results - Shelly (honestly, she wanted to do this, we didn't make her), Sharol, Stephanie, Judy, Jason, Jerry, Julia, the cat (his head was also shaved - Mom wasn't about to let the cat strut around the house with a full head of hair).

I "heart" M O M - You can't see it, but the cat had a "!" on his head. We are still trying to figure what this would have read if all 7 of her children had been in town.

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Melanie said...

The other two would have had a 4 on the back on one head and the other head would have had the mathematical sign for infinity, then the cat!

How blessed you are to have so many children that love & go the extra mile for you.

Your family has always been to me, the true picture of LOVE.

Thinking and praying for all of you. I do know there is power in prayer!

Melanie McGee Micue
Chuck's daughter