Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday - Nov. 9,2008

Judy is getting stronger and stronger. She felt well enough to attend all three meetings this Sunday. She has also been going to physical therapy and is making good progress. They are working on her overall physical well being and also on her lympathetic arm. The arm is going down and is no longer causing her as much pain as before!

Jerry had a not-so-good week. His rectal bleeding came back a couple of times, but went away on its own and he is doing better now. The considerable loss of blood has made him even more tired than his heart condition. He probably exacerbated the problem with a 60 day colon cleanser he bought over the internet and did not quit using until after the bleeding restarted following the cautery. He got his flu shot like a good guy and now has a cold, with heavy sinus drainage, a fever blister and even more shortness of breath. However, he made good progress getting the garage cleaned out, the shelving set up and even repainted the garage floor with some paint Steph and Derek had left over. He should be able to get Judy's car in within the next week or so. (The floor paint has to dry a week before you can put a car on it.) So, Saturday will mark the accomplishment of a big Fall goal for Jerry.

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