Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday - December 3, 2008

We had quite a time over Thanksgiving! All of our children and grandchildren were here and we actually got a complete family picture! It was exhausting as the guys played video games all night and the kids and moms were up fairly early the next morning. The nights that no video games were played, we often stayed up and talked much on the night. It was also total chaos, as the house was strewn with toys and sleeping arrangements and the garbages were always overflowing. It was so good to have them here, but the peace and quite are so wonderful now that all are gone! We can actually get a good nights sleep again.

Judy finally got the results back from her CT Scan and learned that the tumor she most worries about (the one at the base of her pancreas) actually shrunk a little. If this tumor invades the pancreas it will cause extreme pain and signal the beginning of the end. Unfortunately most of the other tumors had grown some.

Dr Randy Roberts at the Soli Wellness Center in Layton (near Ogden) said that she had progressed well during her first month of the plethora of wellness treatments, but that she still had a long way to go to be at her best. So, we contracted for another month of treatments! We expect to treat there at least another two to four months. Unfortunately none of these costs are covered by our health insurance.

One of the treatments that she received was a detoxifying foot bath. She was so impressed by it that we actually bought the machine so that she could do it at home more than once a week. We are also considering doing baking soda injections at the site of the tumors in her back that are causing the most pain. We think we have identified a local DO who will do them, though of course the Huntsman Cancer Center is discouraging this approach as there are no double blind studies supporting this therapy. However, there is a doctor in Europe that has some successful patient histories with this therapy ... but he is the only one publishing results at this time.

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