Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Sunday Evening

Well, we didn't get to talk with the oncologist on Tuesday ... Judy only had a chemotherapy treatment. It went well, as she again slept most of the time. We both met with the cardiology intake team at the University. They agreed to accept both of us. Judy was given medications to control the tightness around her heart, and nitro tablets to take if the medication didn't work. The intake cardiologist thought that the tightness probably was a vessel restriction, vs chemo problems. She goes back for follow-up on Wednesday morning. She has taken one nitro tablet since Tuesday, but didn't really feel much relief.

I go in Monday afternoon for an MRI on my heart, a new diagnostic tool for heart problems. The cardiologist said he thought that my low (42%) ejection fraction might have been a mis-read. He said the procedure used to get it was not very reliable. He also took a cholesterol test blood test and probably will be putting me back on a statin.

It is going to be a big week this week, with doctors' appointments and Shelly's wedding and reception on Saturday. Even though Judy made it through 3 hours of church today, it is not likely that she will have enough energy to make it next Sunday.

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