Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7/9/08 Wednesday Night

Judy's chemo went well until just as it ended. Her face got red and she seemed to have a reaction to the chemo. The nurse told her had this happened in the middle of the chemo, that she would have had to stop it and call the doctor. As it was, she tried to call the doctor to see if she wanted to keep Judy in the infusion room for an extra half hour, just to see if she was going to have any additional reaction. The nurse was unable to make contact with the doctor, so we just went home as scheduled. Judy had no additional reaction.

We are not all that sure that the reaction was caused by the chemo, since she has had a red face twice before. Once before she even started the chemo and last week the day after the chemo. However, we will have to watch her closely during the next chemo session to see if the red face comes back part way through.

We were advised that on July 28th they will do a new ultra sound to see if they can detect any change in the size of the tumors. Until then, it is all about how Judy feels.

I believe that Judy is gradually getting better and consequently that the tumors are probably shrinking. She seems to be getting stronger every day. She feels she has enough strength to walk from the parking into the infusion room for her chemo. Before she always asked for a wheel chair!

She has also been on a few outings in the last couple of weeks, one that lasted all day and tired her considerably. She did not feel well the next day, but bounced back the following day. She also went shopping for wedding dresses tonight with her daughter that is planning on getting married on July 26th. They found a dress that they could both agree on! (Shelly's kids and I weeded the garden, ate watermelon, otter pops, ice cream sandwiches and went 4 wheeling near the house. We had a great time!)

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