Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, Jan 24, 2009

Judy had her monthly appointment earlier this week with Dr Buys, her oncologist. It was one of those good news/bad news deals. I asked the oncologist if she had reconsidered her prognosis of Judy lately. She thought a moment and said that Judy had actually deteriorated more slowly than she had expected, so she thought that was good news. However, when Judy began explaining her new symptom (numbness in her left chin and jaw) the nurse said that it, combined with her unmanageable nausea indicated a possible brain tumor. She went into the neurosciences new MRI unit this afternoon for another brain scan, this time with a more powerful imaging machine. We won't know the results until sometime next week. A brain tumor was one of the ways that the oncologist had told us that Judy might succumb.

They also put her on a new medication (Reglan) to help her bowels move the food through and perhaps decrease the nausea. She went on it and it did get rid of most of the nausea, but it caused sever stomach bloating and pain. They then instructed her to half the Reglan and start taking GasX to control the bloating. That combination seems to work pretty well.

Judy got quite sick last night around 8:00 PM. We had Brother Miller, from across the street, come in and help give her a blessing. He blessed her that the fever would be taken from her and that she would know Heavenly Father's will concerning her situation. By midnight her fever was gone and she felt much better! As far as I know, the balance of the blessing has not yet been granted.

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