Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 30, 2009

Well, good news and bad news again. Judy has had a lot of trouble with fever spikes during the night, usually around mid-night. When she got in touch with her oncologist, she was told that she thought it was probably "tumor fevers". Apparently when the tumors die and are flushed into the kidneys they clog things up and cause infections, etc. So the dying tumors sound encouraging, but the fever spikes are taken quite seriously and can be fatal. They put her on two tablets of Aleve, twice a day to help control the tumor fevers. Its too early to tell if this will work, or if it will be just one more pill that she has a hard time taking because she is feeling so poorly.

Unfortunatley, last night Judy had the worst night ever. She was up every hour or two most of the night, feeling quite ill and often accompanied by fevers. She got up this morning and ate a little then went back to bed.

Aunt Bunny has been coming over every few days and helping Judy go through the boxes that she never got around to unpacking. They have gotten through most of them, have organized the basement storage and are wanting to get into the boxes of pictures and sort them out. That will start the process of writing Judy's life history, with a full compliment of pictures (and perhaps even a few videos for the DVD version).

Looks like we are going to have to cancel our cruise and try again later, if at all.
She is scheduled to see her oncologist again on Feb 17th. We are again anxious to see the reading for her tumor maker.

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