Sunday, May 18, 2008


They did not put the stents in Judy’s ureters. They got some clues that the kidneys were shrinking and so they did a cat scan and found they were doing better and decided that the stents were no longer necessary.

The yellow coloring in Judy’s eyes and skin is receding and she has tolerated the testing quite well. The nausea and itching are much better and she is more comfortable. She was actually allowed to eat for the first time since Tuesday and really enjoyed the few bites she was able to eat.

We still do not have the pathology studies of the biopsies, so we still don’t know what type of cancer she has. Maybe they will be ready tomorrow, if not early next week.

Judy has developed pancreatitis (an inflammation of the pancreas), probably from the GI surgeons poking around in the vicinity. She is on pain medications for this.

If the pancreatitis gets better she will be released tomorrow afternoon to go home.

We expect to go back on an outpatient basis next week and begin whatever treatments are determined to be appropriate.

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