Monday, May 19, 2008

5/19/08 Evening Update
The Bad News: We are still on the runway! The pathology report on the biopsies was available, but showed very little new information. They were needle biopsies and simply did not have enough tissue to make a usable diagnosis. The diagnosis made was that the biopsies contained "adenocarcinomas" (cancers that grow in glands and organs). This means that we still do not know if it is pancreatic, liver or simply lymph node cancer and therefore still cannot start treatments.

They are going to leave the midline IV in until the next surgery. (This means daily flushes with saline and heperin.)

She is also going to have to continue the painful stomach shots of Lovenox twice a day for at least another 5 days. (They cost nearly $70 each and she is in the Medicare gap of prescription drug coverage, so there will be no insurance relief.)

The Good News: Her blood test showed that her kidney function is continuing to improve.

have ordered a complete removal of the lymph node on her neck, so that they can be sure they have enough tissue for a more definitive diagnosis. It won't even be scheduled until tomorrow morning, and not completed until Wednesday at the earliest. Then we will have to wait until Friday or Saturday to get the results. This means that treatments will not start for at least one more week.

While she is under anesthesia for this surgery they are going to place a porta catheter in her chest wall, so that they won't have to keep sticking needles into her only good arm for blood draws, medications or other procedures. They will all go into the porta cathether for the rest of her life!

They are still considering putting her on hormone therapy for treatment. These would be oral medications.

So, again, it is just wait for the next procedure!

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