Sunday, May 25, 2008

5/25/08 Evening
Today was a very wearing day as we had all of the kids and grandkids come back over for individual family pictures in their Sunday best at 11:00 AM, fed them lunch and had them join us for church at 1-4:00 PM. Judy was too exhausted to join us for church. After church they all came over to the house again and Uncle John took them all for scooter rides. They then came in, ate dinner and had pie for dessert. We talked and talked and Aunt Bunny and Uncle Barry came over and they visited with us and remembered lots of fun things with us. We are both very tired, but have quite enjoyed the day.

John (our middle son) and Amy (his wife) and their three children will be spending the week with us. They are going to help us care for two of our oldest daughter's children, Jonathan (8) & Gabrielle (6) while mother and dad are enjoying some time with his parents.

We thank everyone for the large meal that was brought in on Friday night. We ate on it then, all day Saturday and part of Sunday. The grandkids so enjoyed the fresh fruit and just ate on it and ate on it to their little hearts' content.

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