Thursday, May 22, 2008

5/22/08 Morning
Judy slept well after taking all of her pills last night. She woke up this morning at around 7:00 AM nauseated and in pain, then took her pills and went back to sleep. She just woke up a second at 9:45 AM and is feeling much better.

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Elena said...

Dear Judy!
i checked my former yahoo.mail and forwarded all info to gmail, so ya'll can know my new one. i'm so sorry for the diagnoses, but we know that miracles are possible! you told me yourself how you treated different cancer some time ago. so we just all need to have faith and not be discouraged so we can allow Heavenly Father do his part- miracles.
One more thing: i've been talking to my host family here and one of Marianne sister married an amazing doctor in cancer field- he is the son of Douglas Callister (2nd quorum of 70). he said that he'd love to help, if you'd fax all report on the tests that has been taken,but when he found out that you're in a cancer center you're at now, he said you're in good hands! SO, please, know, you're taken care of not only by the doctors there with some probably annoying and disturbing, but needful and helpful procedures, but most of all by heavenly Father and through our prayers. i love you so much and wish you speedy recovery in most easy way possible.
hugs and prayers from Ukrainian wonderer from Az.