Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Photos (taken 11/2008)

Judy & JerryJudy & Jerry Stockett

The Immediate Familytop row: Sheri (1st), Sharol (2nd), Mom, Dad, Shelly (6th), Stephanie (7th)
bottom row: Richard (3rd), John (4th), Jason (5th)

Grandma, Grandpa and the 14 Grandkidstop row: Madeleine (Sheri's 3rd), Bailey (Sharol's 3rd), Julia (Sharol's 1st), Christopher (on Julia's lap, Sheri's 4th), Grandma, Abigail (on Judy's lap, John's 3rd), Grandpa, Jordan (Sharol's 2nd), Bennett (Sharol's 4th)
bottom row: Gabrielle (Sheri's 2nd), Jonathon (Sheri's 1st), Tristan (Richard's 1st), Madison (Shelly's 2nd), Dakota (Cody, Shelly's 1st), Caden (John's 1st), Logan (John's 2nd)

The Whole Gangtop row: Richard, Tristan (Richard's), Chantel (Richard's wife), Derek Andelin, Stephanie Andelin, Jason, Shelly Jensen, Kip Jensen, Amy (John's wife), John, Abigail (John's)
middle row: Christopher (Sheri's), Sheri Barrus, Danny Barrus, Grandma, Grandpa, Julia (Sharol's), Sharol Taylor, Martell Taylor, Jordan (Sharol's)
bottom row: Jonathon (Sheri's), Gabrielle (Sheri's), Madeleine (Sheri's), Madison (Shelly's), Dakota (Shelly's), Bennett (Sharol's), Caden (John's), Logan (John's), Bailey (Sharol's)


DeVonna Ralls Flanagan said...

What a beautiful family!
So much love.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

DeVonna Ralls Flanagan

luvbug said...

What a magnificent family! My thoughts and prayers are with you.