Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They removed about 2 gallons of fluid from Judy's abdomen yesterday, but we have not yet received a report on the culture. Judy came home yesterday afternoon, but by the time she got packed up, got to the car, endured the ride home and got into the house she was exhausted and frazzled. She looked pretty bad. She had a good night's sleep last night and looks better this morning.

Now for the bad news, unrelated to Judy's condition, our basement flooded Monday, I was up most of the night wet vac'ing the continuing flow of water, trying to minimize the damage. The Elders Quorum was well represented and helped identify all of the wet spots, move items away from the water, pull the carpeting back and help with the wet vac"ing. The water table rose a little too hight and water was coming in all around the perimeter of the basement, wetting the carpeting about two feet into the rooms.

We rented a nearby storage unit and hauled several pickup loads from the basement, to get the stuff out of the road so the basement could be dried out. After dropping off the last load, I backed my pickup into my little Buick and damaged it. It was in the body shop less than two weeks ago, for work on its lifetime paint that was peeling. But it will have to go back again.

I have told my family to just call me Grandpa Job!

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