Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, Feb 27, 2009

Judy continues to deteriorate. She can now barely make it to the bathroom and cannot get off the stool without help. We need to get the products necessary so that she does not have to get our of bed any more. We'll talk to hospice when they come later today.

She ate well earlier this week, better than in a long time. However, she has hardly eaten anything in the last couple of days.

They have started work on our basement for the drainage system. We debated on whether to take Judy out of the home during the day, while they were using the jackhammers, or to just see how significant the noise was. She did OK yesterday, but they were working on the other end of the house. We will try to leave her in the house again today, but have made arrangements to move her to Stephanie's home during the day, if necessary. She loves her waterbed (of 35 years) and wants to be in it as long as possible. She will be more comfortabel there than anywhere else.

She enjoyed her massage yesterday and we will probably try that again soon. She has tolerated visitors well, and was actually actively engaging them for several hours yesterday. She drifts in and out of sleep while they are in the room. But, often there are two or more and they just talk to each other until Judy returns from her naps. When awake, she is still lucid and ofter very humorous. It just wouldn't be Judy, unless she could slip in a surprising comment once in a while! Often she is thought to be asleep, when she pops up with a wild comment.

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Jamie said...

Jerry, thank you for keeping this up. I never got a chance to get away yesterday and by the sound of it, there were already a lot of visiters. I think about you all constantly and pray for you daily. I love you all.