Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6/10/08 Tuesday Evening

Went for chemo this morning at 8:00 AM. Clinic had to stick Judy's arm twice to get blood for coumadin clotting test (for heart). Took a long time for results to come back. They have to look at white and red bloods cell counts also, in order to know whether they can give another dose of chemo.

Saw doctor about 9:30 AM, but blood test results were still not back. She finished with Judy and sent her to the infusion center for the chemo.
Clotting test was low, so Judy will have to increase coumadin this next week. Other tests were OK.

It was 11:30 before the premeds were ready and noon before the chemo was started. The chemo went well, with Judy actually sleeping during the last 30 minutes or so. We finally left the infustion center around 1:30 PM. (We had hoped to be finished by 11:00 AM, so it took quite a bit longer that we expected.) She will do one more week of chemo, then take a week off.

Judy felt relatively good late yesterday afternoon and evening and even felt OK this morning and afternoon. She thinks that she is actually beginning to feel a little better and is planning on doing a little organizing around the house in the morning. Aunt June has offered to come over and help tomorrow evening. So Judy will probably get things lined up in the morning for Aunt June to do in the evening.

Things are progressing nicely and we are grateful for all of your help and especially your prayers! We are enjoying the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven, even during these tender times. We love and appreciate you, one and all!

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John & Amy Stockett said...

We are glad things went well...slowly, but well none the less. We hope you continue to feel better these next few days!
John, Amy & Gang