Monday, June 9, 2008

6/9/08 Monday Evening

Judy had a bad day today. Was nauseated most of the morning. She had taken her pills and was trying to hold them down, when a phone call came in. I answered it and advised Judy that the call was for her. She told me she couldn't talk to anyone or she would loose it. Just saying that much to me caused her to have to make a run to the bathroom. Sure enough, she lost it again.

She has been in bed sleeping most of the day, too sick to even watch much TV. (Though she does like Dr Phil & Oprah.) She is doing a little better tonight and is in her office working her emails and talking to family members on the phone.

We have to leave for her 2nd Chemo in the morning at 7:00AM. Should be home by early afternoon.

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John & Amy Stockett said...

We love you Judy and are keeping you in our prayers. Good luck tomorrow! Hope all goes well. I hope that house of yours is staying clean with us gone:)