Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/21/08 Sunday Evening

Another day of setback. Judy went to bed last night about 10:00PM, but woke up this morning with a bloody nose that she could not stop for hours. Probably too much coumadin, since she has stopped taking most of her dietary supplements. Once she got the nose bleed stopped, she slept right through until 3:00 PM. She got up once we got home from church and has been up ever since. She actually sat out on the front walk for a while tonight and just enjoyed the great weather. She seems to be doing better this evening, but isn't too sleeply. So she will probably have another bad night and not be able to get back to sleep until the wee hours. We'll just have to see how tonight goes.

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John & Amy Stockett said...

We hope you are sleeping lots! We miss you and are thinking about you. Enjoy the week of from Chemo!
You are a trooper.

Amy (& Fam)