Monday, June 16, 2008

6/16/08 Monday Morning

Well, Judy made it nearly to the end of Sacrament Meeting before she got too sick to stay longer. All of the local kids and grandkids (14 in all) came over for Father's Day. Shelly organized it and everyone pitched in with food. Jason and Derek did the grilling and everyone helped clean up. We now have enough left over food for the next month. Judy did remarkably well, not retiring from the festivities until nearly 10:00 PM. We both slept extremely well last night and are both up puttering around this morning. Looks like maybe the worst of the infection is past us and we are ready to move on to new levels of progress.


John & Amy Stockett said...

We are glad you are doing well and all the family was able to come last night. We hope you have a good day today and chemo goes smoothly tomorrow!

Gerry said...

Judy and Jerry,
Glad to hear the extended "beauty sleep" paid off and let your batteries re-charge so you could enjoy being surrounded and pampered. The strength and love of family makes all obstacles in life easier to hurdle (when we were young) and walk around or avoid (as we got older/smarter). Here's hoping this week holds fewer surprises and no more excitement related to either the infection or chemo. Love to all, Gerry/Karl