Sunday, June 1, 2008

6/1/08 Sunday Morning
Just met with the oncologist (and associates). Had a long conversation. Judy is doing well for the moment, though not coming home today. Still not sure where the infection was, but it is being handled by the antibiotics. They will take her off the injected antibiotics and put her on oral ones today, but want to keep her another day to be sure she responds well to the oral antibiotics.

We learned this morning that if Judy had been able to be treated with hormone therapy, that she might have expected to live another 7-10 years. However since her cancer is no longer hormone receptive, she has to be treated with chemotherapy. Once on chemotherapy the average "advanced breast cancer" patient lives approximately 2 years.
We were advised that since Judy's liver has only one or two spots of cancer, as opposed to being covered with it, that she may live longer than the two year average.

Judy is presently waiting for breakfast, has had her dose of steroids to keep her from reacting too much to the chemo. Her chemo has been deferred until 10:00AM. She probably won't be too nauseated by the chemo, but will probably loose her hair again.

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