Sunday, June 8, 2008

6/8/08 Sunday Evening

Judy was quite nauseated this morning. Took her anti-nausea pills, went back to bed for a couple of hours, ate some oatmeal cereal and made it to Sacrament Meeting. She had to come home after it ended, went back to bed most of the afternoon, talking to Sheri on the phone and eating watermelon, Robert Redford Dessert, and a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich.

Stephanie, Derek and Julia came over to check on Mom and stayed to visit a hour or two. They had a sandwich (less the tomatoes) and a serving of dessert. Played with the kitten and talked for a while, then went home. It was good to see them. Judy was able to sit in her easy chair during the whole visit and felt fairly good.

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June said...

Hi Jerry & Judy,

Well are you ready for another round tomorrow? Guess you might be thinking the more the better - so you can start feeling better sooner :)

I was thinking I might spend a few hours with you Wednesday evening or some time on Thursday. Do you have a preference? I can clean, cook, iron, wash, shop, etc - anything you need done.

Love ya,
June :)