Tuesday, June 3, 2008

6/3/08 Tuesday Morning
Judy did make it home yesterday about 2 PM. She is pretty weak, but did get a shower and went on an errand run with me. She got too tired midway, so I had to bring her home and go back later to finish the errands. She slept well last night, and should be up in the next hour or two.

Turns out her regular chemo treatments will be Tuesdays at 8:00 AM.

Elena (our Russian speaking house guest) returned from a month in Arizona and is helping around the house. She plans on attending the LDS Business College this Fall, but can begin working part time with them on July 1st. She plans on commuting from Lehi for the time being.

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June said...

Good morning Jerry & Judy,

Sounds like chemo went better than expected - that's a little silver lining in the cloud :)

Glad to hear Judy is home & feeling a little better. There is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed - without interruptions.

Thinking of you - love ya,
Tom & june